Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pointy situation

Wearing: Sweater: Jacket: BlackFive (find it here) // Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger // Flats: Zara // Bag: Mango //

EN. It's still pretty hard for me to find something suitable in online shops without trying it on or touching the fabric. But sometimes i see one piece and know immediately, that yes, it is and i need it! I'm pretty sure that feeling is also familiar to you ;) The same was with this black jacket from BlackFive - the modern shape, the fabrics and color of course :) It's perfect not only because you can wear it now in winter time and also in a cold spring days, but also because you can mix it almost with every piece from your wardrobe! Simply love it and this is not the last outfit with it for sure!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Dark elegance

Wearing: Sweater: Oasap (find it here // Leather skirt, Bag, Booties: Zara //

EN. How can black color be boring? I have still another opinion on this, because black will be always in fashion, will let you always look chic! One of the rules of wearing black is playing with the textures. Lately one of the favorite mix is a oversize knit and leather. With leather you will never go wrong, particularly paring it with some heels and shopper bag


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Minimalistic obsession


EN. Actually i'm not posting so often editorials and reviews of new collection (maybe i should) but this time i couldn't not to share with you this Collection Pre-Fall 2015 by The Row. The minimal designs in neutral "rich" colors in perfect shapes - exactly what i'm waiting for from every new collection of big designers! I think there are no more words needed - the photos are talking for themselves. And of course, applause to Olsens!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cozy at home with DW

Wearing: Sweater, Jeans: Zara // Watch: Daniel Wellington (find them here) //

EN. What can be better than spending the weekend off with chinky knit, boyfriend jeans and my beloved watch from Daniel Wellington? Today i have a surprise for you - with the code "holiday_daydream" you can get the 15% off on your purchase on the till 15.01.15! Have a great start in a new week, my dear readers!


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Casual in camel

Wearing: Coat: Elite99 (find it here // Scarf, Jeans, Boots, Sweater: Zara // Bag: Chicnova //

EN. Hello my dear readers. Here is finally the first post of the new year! First of all would love to introduce my new Blog design. I hope, you already noticed it:) The first new thing is the menu above, where you can find everything you need or you can also search for stuff in the field on the right sidebar. The next new feature is the possibility to pin the photos which you like on your pinterest- just put the mouse on the picture and you will see the “Pin” Button. I really hope that you like this design much more better than the old one, and you will use some of its features.
Now little bit about this casual outfit, which was shooting in Amsterdam last week. In this season such types of outfit are became my fav ones because it’s comfortable, cozy but from also fashionable. As you know, the camel coat is a must-have lately, so it can be wearable not only in the classy way but also in more casual, like with a pair of biker boots. Have a great start in a new week!


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Shades of black

Wearing:  Coat: Oasap (find it here) // Sweater, Pants, Booties: Zara // Bag: Oasap (find it here

EN. Hello my dear readers! Here is the last outfit bogpost for this year. I would love to thank each of you for all your support, comments and kind words. It's so important for me because gives me a motivation to post more for you and getting better in blogging! For the new year i have already many new plans and projects, so i hope you will stay with me and will enjoy it! For now would love to wish you a happy holidays and a great start in the New Year! Thank you for reading!


Friday, December 19, 2014

Back to black & white

EN. Lately I’ve noticed my love for the flat shoes and specially for the sporty footwear. Nowadays you can wear such sneakers not only to make sport! Fashion of today gives us the opportunity to combine it in a different and also in a classy ways. For the last weekend I chose the casual way of wearing flat sneakers – with leather skinnies and my new warm white jacket from OASAP (find it here). Next time i will show you the more elegant way of styling these perfect white sneakers! 

RU. Последнее время стала замечать за собой, что ношу больше и больше обувь без каблуков, и в особенности спортивную. Я только за, что времена, когда кроссовки были только для спорта, прошли! Современная мода позволяет нам комбинировать спортивную обувь с разными стилями одежды и даже с классической. На прошлых выходных я выбрала повседневный образ – белые сникерсы, кожаные скинни, водолазка и новая теплая куртка от Oasap (можно найти здесь) – удобное и теплое сочетание! В следующий раз я обязательно покажу вам, как вписать кроссовки в классический образ  Прекрасных выходных и спасибо, что читаете!

Wearing: // Jacket: Oasap (find it here) // Leather pants: Zara // Sneakers: Adidas via Hoodboyz (find it here) //

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas wishlist


1. Camel coat Topshop
2. Sweatshirt Acne Studios
3. Leather Pants Saint Laurent
4. Grey Scarf Acne Studios
5. Leather bag Givenchy
6. Pumps Christian Louboutin
7. Sunglasses Celine

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Beanie love

EN. Last weekend I shooted this outfit and was pretty funny when I saw next day a new magazine with an article about what you should and shouldn’t wear this season. And yes, the beanies were the one of the things which you should not wear this season! Hm, but to be honestly, who cares? I think, there are the pieces in our wardrobes (like for me also a beanies) which you can wear every year, because they are simply never out of mode, right? So even if they are not in a “mode” anymore, you still can enjoy my look :) Have a great weekend and thanks for reading! 

RU. В предыдущие выходные мы фотографировали этот лук, а на следующий день я нашла одну статью в свежем журнале о вещах, которые нужно и не нужно носить в этом сезоне. И оказалось, что беани как раз одна из вещей, которая больше не в “моде” )) Не смотря на эту статью, я не раздумывая показываю вам этот образ. По-моему мнению, в наших гардеробах есть всегда вещи, которые мы можем из года в год носить и не задумываться о том, модные ли они или больше нет. Разве не так? Для меня беани – как раз такая вещь, которую я ношу почти всегда, когда на улице прохладно. Надеюсь вам все равно понравится мой аутфит :) Прекрасных выходных и спасибо, что читаете!

Wearing: // Cardigan, Beanie: Primark // Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger // Pumps: Jumex // Clutch: Zacabas //


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Playing with the wind

EN. The weather still allows to wear leather jackets instead of warm winter clothing what i really enjoy! The monochrome look is my favorite and simple way of styling it on a gray autumn days. Particularly with skinny jeans and white shirt (like this one from Oasap – find it here ). To look not boring not to forget to add “catch eye” pointed flats or/and some accessories like watch with a bright or striped wristband. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great start in a new week! 

RU. Наша погода позволяет нам все еще носить легкие кожаные куртки и не закутываться в теплые пальто, чему очень рада, так как не выношу холода! Монохромные образы - мой любимый и самый простой способ носить кожаные куртки, перегруженные деталями, молниями и разными ремешками. Особенно хорошее сочетание - скинни джинсы и белая блузка (как например от Oasap – можно найти ее здесь). Чтобы образ выглядел не особенно скучным и однотипным, добавьте к нему интересную обувь (как остроносые балетки) или яркий аксессуар. Надеюсь,вам понравился этот лук и отличного окончания выходных!

Wearing: // Jacket: Choies // White Shirt: Oasap // Jeans, Flats: Zara // Watch: Daniel Wellington //

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